We Just Love KickBoxing!

Limited Membership

Attend up to 8 classes we offer each month.  Billed monthly

Unlimited Membership

Attend as many classes as you want offered each month.  Billed monthly.

Drop-In Classes

Want to join us just once?  This option is for you.

The Amazing Benefits of Kickboxing

Melt Fat, Fast

Heart-pumping cardio kickboxing is a high-energy workout that is guaranteed to burn calories and fat.  The cardio-conditioning element of kickboxing is one of the most effective ways to burn fat-especially that stubborn belly fat that’s associated with an increased risk of heart disease.

Tone Your Entire Body

By using kickboxing heavy bags, as opposed to simply air boxing, you’ll burn even more calories.  Engaging your core will also ultimately improve coordination, while the constant movement in kickboxing improves flexibility and reflexes.

Take Out Stress 

 Kickboxing offers a healthy way to get out some of the day’s frustrations out of your system, which will also help you get a better night’s sleep and improve mental clarity.


What you can expect at class! 

– Specialized workouts that challenge you while also being adjustable to all fitness levels!

– Learn from scratch or pickup where you left off! Our instructors can teach you all you need to know if you’ve never kickboxed before, or give you a refresher if you’re getting back into it from previous experience!

– Signup with us ahead of time as we have limited spots in each class but a large demand of people that love to Kickbox!

Our Schedule

NOTE: All first classes must be scheduled with us ahead of time you can schedule by emailing, calling, or on Facebook!

Wanna Talk?

We love to chat.  You can email us or give us a call!


Phone: (845) 444-0203


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